Haiku / Sci Faiku

Haiku is minimalist poetry which originated in Japan, intended to capture a feeling or emotion in as few well-chosen words as possible. Stricter versions of haiku maintain a certain structure: 17 syllables contained within three lines of five-seven-five. More modern works can be relaxed, however, and have fewer syllables, or break free of the five-seven-five rule.

Sci Faiku is derived from haiku, with (obviously) a science fiction topic. It often breaks free of the traditional haiku structure, especially since Sci Faiku can utilize heavy multisyllable words ("gravitational" and "interstellar" eat up a lot of room, for instance). Visit SciFaiku.com for a far better explanation and some quite good poetry by Tom Brinck.

With all that out of the way, I've involved myself with coming up with my own bad Lounge haiku and gothic haiku, fitting with the morbid groove of the Dead Lounge, and my own Sci Faiku. Enjoy.

The Bad Lounge Haiku of Polarbeast
The Bad Goth Haiku of Polarbeast
The Bad Sci Faiku of Polarbeast
The Bad Haiku of Our Visitors

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