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There isn't much to say regarding these; most of them are assignments given me in university classes, as I am currently back in school after a nearly 15-year hiatus, and find myself badly lacking in General Education units. So, as I've put much effort into creating these in trade for good grades, I thought at least I would put them up here for your reading boredom. Please note that, save where I have quoted from another source, all text below is my own; if you'd like to cite my work in your own studies, please let me know and as likely as not I'll give you my permission to use it.

Feel free to drop me a line telling me how much they reek, or into what hole exactly I should crawl and die. Or, in the case that you might agree with my views or appreciate my meager attempts at literacy, let me know and I shall weep with gratification.


Literary Commentaries & Poetry Responses

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