The Ballroom

The least I can do is provide some musical accompaniment. I take pride in delving into genres and assembling things into pleasing audial shapes. Venture down dark paths of ethereal swirling, goth rock, industrial, and futurepop. Sip a cocktail and take in some retro hi-fi sounds. And I dare anyone to match my collection of smooth yacht rock.

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Dark Circles

A foray into melancholy and velvet. Anthems of the bleakest timbre bring forth dance floor elegance and exquisite morbidity. (goth, post-punk, darkwave, ethereal)

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Kitsch In Sync

Crooner classics thrown into a blender with modern kitsch and set to frappé. While the swing scene has long ago shrunk back to its core fan base, we keep it cool. (lounge, crooner, retro)

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Gaunt Industriance

From the velvet-clad to the PVC-bound, shiny or matte, boot lacings, straps. Corroded hearts and metal-embossed aggression. (electro-industrial, edm, dark electro, aggrotech)

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Danse Majestic

Triumphant movement and waves of beauty, with dolorous undertones. (ebm, darkwave, synthpop, futurepop)

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Golden Yacht AM Memories

Adjust your captain's hat and keep it smooth. It's the 1970s, and your hair is larger and fluffier than it's ever been. Enjoy this time with your special lady. (smooth, easy listening, yacht rock)

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Pointy Boot in the Arse

The tradition. Twenty eyelets on your boots. Fishnets on the arms. Metric tons of hairspray. (goth rock, deathrock, post-punk)

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Thundering off the walls of the local venue, shaking the seats of the arena. Riffs and solos. 3am at a greasy diner on Sunset Strip. Whiskey and Coke. Cigarettes and regrets. (arena rock, '70s rock)

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Relax in Polarbeast's faux-tropical post-war paradise, replete with cocktails set on fire and the call of distant drums. (exotica, lounge)

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Goth/Industrial Covers

The music you know, from the artists you wanted to hear it from. (goth/industrial covers)

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