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Once situated at Gothnicity, this is now the home of the darkly classic and informative "How to be Goth (in less than an hour!)" Follow these easy and humorous steps to avoid wannabe-hood and immerse yourself in the gothic culture... fast.

The Tao of Goth

Truly the wisdom of the ages resides in this scholarly and brilliantly hiliarious translation. Within one can learn to be one with the Tao of Goth, to Clean the Dark Mirror on the dancefloor, and to know the joys of snakebite and dancing the three by three. Would that all treatises on Goth were so wise! Study it well.

The REAL Gothic FAQ

Just in case you're confused about it all. Lisa and Andrew set you straight, if a bit cruelly, with their biting but exceedingly clever Gothic FAQ. Even funnier is their page of past guestbook entries, where the dregs of Internet society try to express their anger with a complete lack of grammatical proficiency.

alt.gothic.perkygoff FAQ

Let Joel explain to you the phenomenon that is the perkygoff--that which is despised and feared by many a morbid moper. Perkygoffs dress the part, look the part, but are as likely to grin and dive into a raspberry smoothie as they are to twist and writhe on the dancefloor. It's the lighter side of gothdom.

The Necro Tonz

The Necro Tonz, hailing from the graveyards of Texas, stand as one of the only lounge goth bands worth their salt. There are karmic debts to be paid and music to be made before the grisly remains of these four gents and one lovely lounge singer known as Necrophilia, Diva of the Dead, can rest. Don't forget to order some macabre merchandise.

The Random Goth Lyric Generator

A creative endeavor after my own wormy little heart, the R.G.L.G. solves all your darkly musical problems. Merely press the button, my poor lyricless goth musician, and the random technological wonder created by Mrrranda L. Tarrow and Christopher tm Herdt will provide all the creative calignosity you need for your baneful tunes.

How to Dance Gothic

Having difficulty expressing yourself properly on a darkly lit dance floor without making even the ubergoths crack a smile? Then you need to learn how to dance the way the goths do. This brief guide provides detailed instructions and illustrations for even the most severely angst-impaired.

Jesus Was Gother Than You

Gaunt, bleeding from a crown made of thorns, crucified, and you think you're gothic? The Shanmonster lists some very good points as to why Jesus may have been the ultimate goth. As for Shanmonster herself, she's devastatingly intelligent, thoroughly knowledgeable about the Bible, and good-looking to boot. She's also nicely conversant with cocktails, in my opinion.

The Disco Gothic Headquarters

Home of the mysteriously lovely and pretty damned clever Den Mother of the Damned, Mrrranda L. Tarrow. Mrrranda does the 'zine Blood and Candy, creates superlative artwork and photography shown in her Disco Gothic Art Shrine, and even lets you poke your finger in the ear of surly teen Jesus.

Gothic Charm School

Originally a feature on and once called Gothic Miss Manners, this excellent site instructs you, the growing goth, on why goths should be polite, on how to act in social situations, club etiquette, and answers questions about everyday life (or death). Ask The Lady of the Manners (nicely!) and perhaps you will have your life's questions answered.

The Tamagothi Homepage

Of course we cannot neglect Luvcraft's popular mopey little toy. Learn how to operate your own Tamagothi and keep it depressed and exhausted. A comprehensive and clever FAQ page is also provided for your Tamagothi needs.

pinstruck - digital voodoo

Got someone that needs a little digitally-created supernatural cursing? Send a pinstruck personalized voodoo curse from this funny, well-designed voodoo site. Be sure not to send one to someone who can't take a joke or is too massively religious to handle it. Damn narrow-minded superstitious people... why is my hip hurting so bad all of a sudden?


A community designed, built and made by Goths in the Gothic Community, so the members make Gothicana what it is. A chat room, forums, links, games and dark photo galleries await you, as do the other Goths, Vampires, Wiccans and Werewolves.


This is a darkly fun place, known as the Happiest Place in Hell. Like every small village, they have "a beautiful cemetery, a tiki bar, a volcano, a shopping mall, various haunted castles, a lake full of sea monsters, a swamp full of corpses, a dungeon, a stable, a zoo, and other assorted businesses." It is after my own heart, of course. Go there, sign the Dreambook, and become a resident, I urge you.

The Message Boards

Powered by PHPBB and several unmentionable rituals the details of which Man was not meant to know, the Dead Lounge Gothic Offramp maintains its own fledgling community of tormented souls and hungry predators. Come, and make it what it can be.


My hands-down favorite store, not least because the actual location is near me on Melrose Blvd. in Los Angeles. More than just gothy clothing, Necromance is the ultimate dealer in death: bones, mortuary photographs, vintage medical tools, insects pinned to cards, and all those other zoology/osteology/entomology-related home decor items you're in need of. And yes, they have shirts and jewelry too.

Blue Lips

BlueLips is "one stop shopping for the morbid mind," and seems to have combined the websites Death Becomes You and Anubico. Cool clothes, dead accessories, books, music, and all sorts of ghastly paraphernalia await your perusal. It makes an effort to educate the public about death and dying (it even hosts a class for budding funeral directors), and donates over 25% of its profits to cancer research, so it's a worthy place, my dark & deadly friends.

The Unique Boutique that's cruelly chic, 6-Ft-Under has just about everything from funeral decor and embalming instruments to kitschy morbid humor. Especially check out the Boneyard link for bits and pieces, and the banner with the fire-breathing hearse below.

Little Dead Riding Hood

Little Dead Riding Hood is a gothic/punk/alternative shop, yes, and they do in fact create luxuriously made-to-measure clothing and boots, and do have a range of fetish and gothic footwear, corsets, cloaks, leather items, books, jewelry, handmade soaps and incense. Yes, they regularly have stalls at gothic, fetish and Pagan events. But they also, and this is what tickles me the most, have intelligently written reviews, tips and tricks, and cultural commentary that goes beyond what the usual one-stop-gothic shoppe does, all presented by unique characters (introduced via their own poetic biographies) to guide you through their world.


One of the finer mortuary novelty shops of which I am aware, they have wonderfully dark & deadly items such as solid milk chocolate (in the shape of a casket, o'course), hearse keychains, body bag laundry bags, and a delightful assortment of fun paraphernalia.

Amalthea's Attic

A lovely place among the rafters with your gothic/alternative necessaries. Gothic clothing and art can be found here, as well as hair dye, wonderfully dark decor, synthetic cyber falls, dreadlocks and horror related toys. Note the dreadfully creepy banner lower down.

Pretty Kitty Dog Moon

Not entirely goth (as least, not until we hold her down, apply some black eyeliner and read her some poetry), Jean Yates is nevertheless entirely cool and has some fantastically good ideas when putting together jewelry. Take a step away from the usual skulls and crosses and little coffins and pointy things, and consider wearing some of Jean's creations when going out to the club. You'll draw some admiring eyes. Check out her gallery.

Inkubus Haberdashery

Firstly, any place that happens to have "haberdashery" in its name is appealing to start with, and any store that is situated within a 200+ year old building in New Hampshire has gothic points, but they're much more than hats and history. They have clothing, accessories, and "trinkets worth your soul" to tease your gothic inner child. Go there, get something unique. Note the banner worth your soul at the bottom of this page.

Cat Smith DIYing - Do It Yourself IN Gothic

As Cat says, it's a normal person's world and we're just in their shadows. For those who are goth, want to be, or want to be MORE so, Cat has the knowledge to make it so. Do-it-yourself projects from home decor to self-made clothing.


Brought to you by the same people who run, this outstanding crypt of delights stocks gothic clothes and items by Alchemy and Spiral, jewelry, shoes and boots, and punk, metal and fetish paraphernalia. It's hard not to let your shopping casket overflow here.

This place is the definitive source for Edward Gorey Gifts and Collectibles, whether you want shirts, books, jewelry, posters, calendars, cards, or even rubber stamps. They also carry Dracula Toy Theaters for your room decor, plus vintage Hallowe'en decorations. Note the gorey and detailed banner at the bottom of the page.

Encyclopedia Gothica

A notable encyclopedia of the gothic culture, offering you an insider's definition of the scene, terminology, and common abbreviations, plus explanations and decriptions of goth music and bands, and a list of resources.

An Examination of Gothic Subculture: an Inside Look for Outsiders

A must-read for anyone into goth, interested in goth, or misinformed about goth, this page explains it all in an intelligent, serious premise: the origins of the word Goth, common misconceptions of goths and gothdom, rebuttals to mainstream press releases, and a comprehensive glossary and wealth of information. My compliments to Alicia Porter for her work.

Gothic Portal - Dark Goths Culture

A deep and varied cauldron of writings detailing gothic culture, music, dating, decor, miscellany, and even gothic tourism, all simmered by one enthusiast of the dark and morbid, living in Israel. From there you can even learn about Octophobia, which is the fear of the number 8. Why this is listed I'm not sure, but since I'm born on October 8th, I think it's a fantastic inclusion.

Kultura Gotika

There aren't many gothic-themed websites out there for the Spanish-speaking world; there are some for Mexico and South America, but not for Spain, which is surprising considering the rich gothic dominion of its past and its romantic sensuality. Kultura Gotika aims to resolve this. It does not intend to define that which is Goth, but provide a community for like-minded individuals. There are links for music, tourism, fashion and a forum; it's brand new but growing fast (I wish I could speak better Spanish so I could help populate it).

Dark Culture Magazine

While we occasionally like to grin mischievously at the antics of those who take themselves too darkly, we also appreciate the true places that keep us reminded of why we love goth so much, of which this is one. Formerly The Gothic Preservation Society, Mistress Cinka maintains a very thorough and interesting monthly site, with darksome tidings updated daily, interviews, articles and reviews involving the goth world.

Goths Against Hate

A serious and dedicated organization intent on informing the public and media of what goths are, and more importantly, what they aren't. Too much ignorance and violence occurs because of the erroneous mainstream viewpoint held by the media of the gothic culture.


Basically a list of links at heart, but a list of links devoted to that which is gothic is always a good thing. Besides which, appears there twice, so they must know what's properly gothic and what's not. ;)

All horror, all the time: this is a superlative directory and search engine dedicated to Horror and Halloween. As well as a comprehensive list of links dark and horrible, there exists a free horror auction, plus the occasional horror contest. It's all to your horror. Note the horrifying link banner below.

Here are maintained a few non-Goth, non-Lounge, and non-cigar, -cannibalism, -vampirism, or other DeadLounge.comesque links. Some are rave links, some are sites I've created myself, some are pretty hip sites by friends of mine. I urge you to check them out, on pain of... ah, pain of something.
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The Gothic Shoppe

Amalthea's Attic


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