Interested in birthing your own bastard of diabolically morose proportion? There's nothing simpler. Choose one of the classic topics of Darkly Gothic poetry below, then you'll be swept away to the Goth-O-MaticTM Poetry Generator. Construct the opus by making the selections that best fit your tormented desires, and choose an appropriate image to loom ominously over your creation. Tap the "Create Your Poem" button, and you'll be able to cut and paste your new expression of pain and angst into your own website!

Care to create a Darkly Gothic poem? The Goth-O-MaticTM awaits the touch of your agonized mind:

A couple of silly notes:

1) The pieces the Generator creates are considered copyrighted, sort of, because the words contained within it were written by someone else. This means that while you're free to post the poem on your own site, you can't take the poem and submit it to a publisher. One, it's plagiarism... two, it's ridiculous, because the Generator creates BAD gothic poetry.

2) Also, if you do post it on your site, it's dishonest to put it there and give the impression that you "wrote it." Gothic weasels will come and eat up all your breakfast cereal if you do.